Mobile Phone Forensics: Partner in Crime!
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In today’s age of modern technology, mobile phone forensics is increasingly becoming a dependable method used by the police in conducting criminal investigations because it provides fast, accurate and automated results that no amount of physical work can provide. There are many mobile device forensics tools that the police can use in effectively gathering data that can otherwise be let pass without the help of technology.

The thing about deleting data from a mobile phone is that data are not actually completely wiped off the system. And another thing is that mobile phone forensics enables experts to retrieve important data that were intended to be erased. That’s the good news for cops. Today’s smart phones usually have backup systems and some of them are web-based and can be easily accessed during investigations.

Examples of data that are erased but can still be recovered are calls, messages, e-mails, photos, videos, Internet browsing history and even SIM card details. Data recovery can help the police track down individuals who are potential suspects. Perpetuators who continuously communicate with victims through mobile phones, for example, can be located using the GPS feature of a phone. Information extracted through mobile device forensics can also be used as digital evidence in court against perpetuators to prove they are guilty of committing crimes.

Today, there are third party experts that specialize in mobile data extraction and analysis. The police engage these third party organizations’ services for the reliable acquisition of evidential matter for use in both criminal and civil cases, in an attempt for provide people the highest level of protection possible.

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